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The Covenant Nation

A Christian Perspective

The Series

These are the three volumes that cover the broad narration of America and its covenant with God ... a covenant that has seen its ups and downs, but has always been critical to America's ability to move forward in the face of some very deep challenges.

More (much, much more!) about the content of these three volumes ...
     ... Volume 1
     ... Volume 2
     ... Volume 3

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Recently appearing! An 560-page single-volume
abridged version of the 3-volume series!

The Abridged Version:  America's Story:  A Spiritual Journey

This single volume presents the politics portion of the original series in summary form - while retaining in full the moral-spiritual content of the larger series.

More (much, much more!) about the content of this summary version ...

And the author himself, Miles Hodges, has recently come out with an autobiography, detailing the process which brought him to want to pass on a life-time of learning to others.

Autobiography for Miles Hodges ... The Spiritual Pilgrim

More (much, much more!) about the author and the content of this autobiography ...

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Miles Hodges
About the Author

Miles Huntley Hodges is a combination Georgetown “political realist” (M.A., Ph.D.) and a Princeton Seminary Evangelical (M.Div.) long-interested in America’s role in the world, once serving as a secular professor of international studies (while also a corporate political risk consultant and risk analysis teacher) ... and then by the grace of God a born-again Presbyterian pastor, an individual involved heavily in street and prison ministry as well as several typical congregational ministries.  He "retired" into teaching American and international high school students the subject of social dynamics (the rise and fall of societies) using American and other cultures' histories as a "laboratory" – to bring the broad focus of God and society to the understanding of young minds.